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At Youth Ottawa, we believe in the power of young people to change the world. Our mission is to empower, support, and connect youth across Ottawa, helping them to grow, contribute, and thrive in our community. Your donations make this possible!

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Your contribution to Youth Ottawa is vital in empowering young people. Our programs focus on nurturing creativity, engaging in civic issues, and bringing youth voices into municipal government. Your donation helps us inspire and support the next generation in meaningful participation and innovation. Every gift makes a difference in shaping a vibrant community where young people are active contributors.

Thank you for joining us in this essential endeavor to empower the youth of Ottawa. To learn more about our programs visit the link below. 

Program Testimonials

“It is crucial to invest in this program and amplify its value offered. There is a perilous gap between youth and adult communities, especially when it concerns opportunities for meaningful livelihood. This program is an invaluable first step in bridging that gap by providing youth with tangible insights into what exactly is required to meaningfully engage with the business community."
Cuts for Kids
"Youth Ottawa Amplified Fellowship is the most educating and empowering employment program for youths in the city of Ottawa. The program provides strong theoretical and experiential learning opportunities to prepare you for a broad array of career opportunities."
“This program is essential in optimizing and making the efforts of young change makers more efficient. We often spend a lot of time and energy navigating our way through new terrain. However, this program teaches us the fundamentals about decision making, planning, networking, and communicating among many other skills. Moreover, it allows us to put those practical skills into use. As a result we are better equipped to continue our work and our mission to make the city a better place."
Camps for Children