Recognizing 16 Remarkable Youth

After reviewing a pool of 130+ nominations, 16 young leaders were chosen to take the stage at the RBC Spirit of the Capital Youth Awards on May 14th to represent the inspiring and transformative work being done in the community. The event was held at Ottawa City Hall where 300 guests gathered to celebrate the youth who have engaged civically, volunteered locally, advocated for important causes, or have encouraged engagement among their peers. This was Youth Ottawa’s 22nd year hosting the awards as a means to spotlight the young agents of change, to honor their positive impact in the community and to be a support for them as they continue to evolve as leaders. The youth were able to share their incredible stories with guests and were each awarded a $1,000 bursary to continue their academics or social enterprise in line with the values of Youth Ottawa.

"Without you all trusting and believing in me, I wouldn’t have been able to do what I’m trying to do now and everyday in this community. I pray that you all understand the impact and change you have in people’s lives. I am glowing inside and outside after tonight. Thank you for seeing me. I owe you the world!"

Brooke Shaw
Strength through Diversity Award Recipient

The Winners

Service and Caring – Ammar Abdurahman & Blanca Desjarlais, Max Keeping Award for Personal Courage – Miriam Hanna & Emily Pierce, Arts and Culture – Abdul Muse, Namitha Rathinappillai & Barry Takawgak, Entrepreneurship and Innovation – Malindu Danthanarayana & Daius Steiner, Strength through Diversity – Jordyn Hendricks, Quinn Jeffery-Off & Brooke Shaw, Take a Stand – Warner Schaettgen and Suheyma Duale, Academic Perseverance – Marianne Stintzi & Grace Salomonie

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