Philanthropy through the eyes of their daughter

Molly Ensom and her parents, Ron and Beverly Ensom, have been donating to Youth Ottawa for several years. Their gifts have included time, talent and treasure. Making a commitment of time, sharing their talents and providing financial support through monetary donations have all helped to give youth hope in our community.  

You, and generous donors like the Ensom Family, are the key to changing lives at Youth Ottawa.

Molly became involved with Youth Ottawa 10 years ago when Youth Ottawa’s civics program was just a one day conference to which she would bring her students. This initiative encouraged youth to be engaged citizens. Molly has continued to be an avid contributor to Youth Ottawa and has taken on a position on the Board of Directors. 

Molly’s parents, Ron and Beverly, are long-standing supporters of initiatives that enable children and youth to reach their potential. The love of giving back has always been a part of the Ensom family. Ron, Bev, Molly and her two brothers have worked for many years for Christie Lake Kids, founded in 1922 to raise the life prospects of children living in poverty.

Ron and Beverly were inspired by Molly’s passion for Youth Ottawa. Seeing her enthusiasm for Youth Ottawa’s mission prompted them to add their support to hers. 

We sat down with both Ron and Molly as they shared their story with us. We were doubly delighted to have them bring along Sam, Molly’s one-month-old son.

Where does your philanthropic spirit come from?

We think it’s really important to give back. There is a huge base of goodwill in the Ottawa community. Our family has the ability to support a number of worthy causes that have a positive impact on the community. It feels great knowing that we can help make a difference in the lives of  youth and support the dedication of program staff and volunteers. We are always delighted to hear staff and volunteers talk enthusiastically about their work.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing today’s youth?

In my 23 years working with youth,” Molly observes, “I believe the biggest challenge facing them is the lack of access to opportunities.” Ron noted that the old admonition to “Pull yourself up by the bootstraps!” assumes you already have bootstraps. Youth Ottawa gives youth the resources and opportunities to build on.

What do you want your gift to accomplish?

I want to know that our gifts assure real-life payoff for kids and youth, and will enable the organization to keep energetic motivated staff.

Tell us about a particular program involving Youth Ottawa’s work that has impacted you.

Molly observes that “Social entrepreneurship is a current concept, and I believe it is very important. Organizations are no longer assessed based on traditional metrics like financial performance. Rather, organizations are being judged on their impact on society. With social entrepreneurship, you have the economic piece tied in with social justice. When I heard about Youth Ottawa launching their youth summer program, it really stood out for me. A program that provides youth with mentorship combined with the opportunity to allow youth to become their own entrepreneurs is a win-win. The fact that this program can help youth launch their own social enterprise all while receiving business support is ideal.



At Youth Ottawa, our donors are the heartbeat of our work. We know you have your own story too! Your story of why you give is an important part of our story. We cannot open our doors to youth looking for guidance, inspiration and leadership without YOU! Your gifts are essential and on behalf of all of the youth who are impacted by your generosity … thank you!