Unlocking Youth Potential

In 2007, Youth Ottawa launched a small event called DILA (A day of Information for a Lifetime of action) to highlight student projects. Since then, it has evolved into Untapped, a major event that now attracts over 500 guests. 

Held annually during Ottawa’s National Youth Week in the first week of May, Untapped is a collaborative event hosted in partnership with the Ottawa Carleton District School Board. 

Untapped  invites guests to discover the creativity and innovation of youth from across the city. Classrooms from numerous schools come together to present their social enterprise and active citizenship projects to support meaningful causes selected by the students. Untapped fosters community engagement and celebrates youth innovation, providing a platform for young changemakers to showcase their ideas aimed at supporting community projects that promote positive change. 

From community members and political leaders to parents, educators, business owners, and entrepreneurs, all are encouraged to explore products and businesses brought to life by high school and elementary school students to show support for social initiatives.

Projects that make a difference

Untapped showcases the creativity and dedication of students who have been working on their projects throughout the year with the support of Youth Ottawa’s Active Citizenship Initiative. Each project at Untapped is a result of months of planning, creativity and hard work, guided by the resources and mentorship provided through the ACI program. 

Untapped unites hundreds of students whose projects are nothing short of amazing! The event never fails to bring forward a truly innovative spirit and a dedication to make things better. 

Past projects include students from Gloucester High School embarking on a transformative bathroom beautification project, painting vibrant murals in the space to create cleaner and safer facilities for the entire school community. Other projects included a video game developed by Osgoode Township students, thoughtfully curated mental health subscription boxes, and stunning handcrafted jewelry made from repurposed wire wraps and spoons, and even a coffee cart business by the name of Rolling Thunder rumbling through the halls of a highschool with treats. Without fail students go above and beyond to challenge their creative abilities and lead positive change.

Get Ready for Untapped 2024!

Event Details:

Tuesday May 7th, 2024
Where: National Arts Centre, 1 Elgin Street (Southam Hall)
Time: 11:00am-1:00pm
*Support the community with cash purchases.

This year we are beyond excited to welcome over 500+ students from Elementary to High School including 150+ students from the OCSB Social Entrepreneurs Program. Products and businesses will be showcased and presented by students, and participants will have the opportunity to learn, engage, and support. 

The creativity will be sure to “wow” you!  Among the standout projects this year are eco-friendly products designed for climate-friendly initiatives, unique subscription boxes, all-natural cosmetics, wellness baskets, and so much more! Event participation gives community members the opportunity to encourage students, but also helps support many nonprofits and charities.  Here are a few student projects headed to Untapped this year:


A neat idea on reusing plastic waste! A group of students has created customizable keychains removing waste from landfills and using the proceeds to support clean water initiatives. They have even created a special edition for their graduating class!

Build your own Plant Shop

Students at Elizabeth Wyn Wood have created customizable plant,& pot pairings. Plant pots are uniquely designed and 3D printed!

International Snack Subscription boxes

The Beyond Borden snack company sells international snacks to help people discover tasty treats from around the world.  

...You're in-store for so much more!

Come, be a part of Untapped 2024, where you can be inspired by amazing ideas, make a purchase to support students’ initiatives, and above all help young people make an impact in their communities and beyond. 

A Big Thank You to our amazing partners!