Artistic Mentorship Program (AMP)

Thanks to the Artistic Mentorship Program (AMP), over 600 youth are better equipped for a life in the arts beyond high school.

Through AMP, grade 10-12 students enrolled in arts programs get the chance to share their passion to their peers and the public by working as a team to plan, produce and present a curated public art event. This no cost, confidence boosting arts experience guided by working professionals is made possible thanks to the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Have you heard about our new social enterprise AMPlified? AMPlified is looking to grow the market and marketplace for young artists to develop professionally. Check out what our new social enterprise has to offer.

Girl holding a paintbrush and painting on a canvas
Every can connect 5 young

artists with an artistic mentor to help them curate their own public art event!

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Jesse Card

Director of School Programs